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Mom Slams School After Daughter Is Reportedly Sexually Assaulted Twice in Same Week

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A Brooklyn mother is enraged with school officials for failing to protect her 12-year-old daughter from being sexually assaulted at her Brooklyn middle school, the New York Daily News reports.

I feel like my daughter is scarred for the rest of her life,” Nicole Welcome, 29, said outside Brooklyn Family Court. “It’s disgusting for a parent to learn her daughter was almost raped inside a school building,” she added.

Four boys have been arrested for the attacks, which occurred at Ocean Hill Collegiate Charter School on Sept. 30 and Oct. 6. Both incidents were caught on surveillance video, which Welcome claims that the school principal didn’t even know of the first attack until the second one was brought to their attention.

However school officials said in a statement that they have handled the situation accordingly.

The school called the student’s mother immediately after it learned of the incident, which occurred well after students had been dismissed from the building and after the building should have been locked by School Safety. The  school has been cooperating fully with the investigation, and  has been supporting the student and her mother during this difficult time.”

The victim has since transferred to another school.

Petition Launched To Get Clarence Thomas Included Into African-American Museum

Funeral For Supreme Court Justice Scalia Antonin Scalia Held In Washington, D.C.

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Other than it being mentioned that Anita Hill testified against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment, his contributions to Black history weren’t really part of the newly opened National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.

And this omission has some supporters so upset that the organization Stand United has created an online petition to get the second Black SCOTUS justice in U.S. history included.

Justice Thomas is the longest-serving African-American Supreme Court Justice in our nation’s history,” Angela Morabito, who is the senior campaign manager of the website, told users are commenting on the petition about how they want to see Smithsonian embrace history, instead of selectively editing it.”

Justice Thomas has a uniquely American story, in all its complexity – he grew up in the segregated South, and is now the second most powerful African-American man in government. Petition signers think he deserves credit for his extraordinary contributions to American government and constitutional scholarship,” Morabito continued.

When asked about the omission, Linda St. Thomas, chief spokesperson for the Smithsonian told CNS News,

There are many compelling personal stories about African Americans who have become successful in various fields, and, obviously, Associate Justice Thomas is one of them,” St. Thomas said in an email.

However, we cannot tell every story in our inaugural exhibitions.”

Thousands Of Teachers In Seattle Wear Black Lives Matter T-Shirts 

On Thursday, over two-thousand teachers in Seattle wore Black Lives Matter t-Shirts to stand in solidarity with their African-American students.

We have the fifth-largest opportunity gap between our African-American and our white students in the country,” Phyllis Campano, the president of the Seattle Education Association told ABC News.

So we know, as educators, that we need to show our kids that we believe in them, and we set high expectations for them.

It’s not really about Black Lives Matter as a movement, but about how black lives matter in our schools, it is not about the t-shirts, it is about how we support our students of color in our community,” she added.

In addition to wearing the t-shirts, many local schools also held workshops after school to discuss racism and its impact on society—and the feedback from the community has been pretty positive.

The t-shirts were a catalyst to the conversation, and the conversation in our schools is how do we make education better for our children of color? It should be a national conversation,” Campano said.

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