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The other day on The Ellen DeGeneres show, she had a guest on to share his amazing weight loss story.
Pasquale Brocco, or “Possible Pat” tells us how that in his profession, he worked as a bodyguard and at 6 foot 8 inches, he weighed 605 pounds.
He made his money being a big man, but he says, “Basically, I got paid to be big.”
Pat says how he worked with celebrities and that one day during NBA finals and he says, “We had a friendly bet and that the loser had to do 50 push-ups. Well, I lost and I couldn’t do one push-up. And I’m in a room filled with people I’m supposed to protect and there I couldn’t do one push-up.”
That was his breaking point, he went home and thought figure out how he let himself go so far.
Pat said that he went to the Dr. and, “I remember stepping onto the scale and it. Said 605 pounds. I never imagined I could get that big. I thought I was 450. I was wrong, I was 605.”
Pat left that Dr.’s office and went home and thought, “I didn’t want to die.”
Pat decided to toss out everything edible in his house and then he went to the closest store to his house.
He decided that every time he wanted to eat, Pat would walk to get his food and come home and cook it. It just happened that the Wal-mart was the nearest store to him and that was a 1.5 miles away.
So when Pat originally started his walk there, it took him 1 1/2 hours to get to Wal-Mart for his meals and then he had to go back home and cook it. He was determined to lose weight because he did it with great restraint and discipline.
In 60 days, Pat had already lost 90 pounds and by 100 pounds down, Pat went back to the Dr. to learn he was still 500 pounds, 53% body fat. It was a hard reality for him because he was happy, but not.
Ellen asked him, “When did people start treating you differently? So people must… All of sudden you’re getting a lot of attention.”
Pat says, “People don’t realize how hard it is to be overweight and how much you’re judged. At 600 pounds people don’t talk to you, they just look at you and think please don’t eat me.”
Ellen agrees with Pat and says, “So what makes you feel more isolated and more lonely and then you do more self-destructive behavior like emotional eating.”
Pat wants to try to help people get on his same path of weight loss too, be their example.
As of today, Pat has lost 330 pounds and he has continued on his healthy eating and working out and because of that, Wal-Mart wanted to help him stay committed.
Wal-mart wanted to help Pat continue with his journey of weight loss and healthy eating and helping people so they gave him a check for $25,000.

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