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Hey y’all, who’s ready for those Haunted Houses?
That’s if you can brave them… you might get a little scared or a lot scared.

Last night we got see Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon hanging out again at a Haunted House, it was another scary time together.
Well, last night Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart got back together for another scary outing together.
The pair’s last time together was in 2014 when they got on one of Universal Orlando Resort’s roller coasters where Kevin Hart showed that he was scared before they even got in their seats of the roller coaster.

Fallon says, “The last time we hung out, you and I rode a roller coaster.”

Hart said, “Yes, I do remember that. It wasn’t one of my best moments.

Now, they experience a Haunted House together and it looks like Jimmy Fallon is showing his fear before they even walk inside the Haunted House.
Fallon says, “Since Halloween is just around the corner, I want to try something even scarier. So today we’re going through New York’s scariest and Haunted House, “Blood Manor.”
To be honest, roller coasters I’m ok, I can do a little bit, but I do not like being real scared, for real scared.
Hart said, “I want to say this, you jump out on me if you want to. You’ll get a boot to the neck.”
The two started the Haunted House with GoPro cameras on both their chests so we can see their reactions and screams.

We hear Hart say, “I don’t like this dark s***!”

Another time Hart says, “Jimmy, I farted! I had gas.”
The two ride out the entire Haunted House while screaming their way through it to the end.