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Chrissy Teigen

Source: Courtesy of Walker Drawas

Yesterday Chrissy Teigen appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the new season of Lip Sync Battle where Teigen is a host along side of LL Cool J and some.
The supermodel, mom, author and John Legend’s wife was talking about their baby girl, Luna is almost 6 months and how she has John’s temperament.
She tells Ellen about Luna’s hair saying, “All that hair is gone now, no one ever told me baby’s lost all of that hair.”
Ellen jokingly said, “she may be stressed.”
Ellen asked Chrissy about the new house that they moved into and Chrissy said, yes, that it was once owned by the super star Rihanna.
Teigen tells Ellen, “I never in my life thought I would be cool enough to have a Rihanna pad.”
Ellen asked Chrissy, “Did she leave anything behind?
Chrissy responded with, “Trust me I looked. The one fun thing that does happen every once in a while it that I get a bill of hers and I really want to somehow give it back to her. So, I tried bring it to the Grammy’s, but John said, ‘No, that doesn’t look cool, please don’t you’re embarrassing me.'”
And she continued with, “Rihanna you owe $18 to Bugatti I think.”
In a shocked voice, Ellen said,”You’re opening her mail?”
Chrissy said, “I think that’s the number, I’m not sure. She gets a lot of fan mail”
Still shocked, Ellen said, “You open the fan mail?”
Chrissy said, “I don’t get my own to the house.”
While chuckling at Chrissy, Ellen tells her, “You know that’s illegal, right?”
Of course, Chrissy is clueless and she says, “Is it?”
Ellen reassures Chrissy, “You can’t open people’s mail!”
And still clueless, Chrissy said, “Really, but it’s my house now. Can you not?”
Ellen said, “I was going to talk about the White House because you went to the White House. Maybe that’s something that Obama can talk to you about.
I know that Michelle watches the show, so now you won’t be allowed back.”
They later discussed the election and Chrissy is an advocate to get people to vote and not to tell you who to vote for, but to vote.

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