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In the wake of the recent shootings of unarmed Black men Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, the conversation surrounding police brutality and racism has reemerged in a powerful way.

Even celebs like Richard Sherman, who prior to the recent killings defended police, is using his voice to help incite change in America. During a press conference on Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback declined to answer questions and instead spoke his mind about the shootings, saying, “I think you have players that are trying to take a stand and trying to be aware of social issues and try to make a stand and increase people’s awareness and put a spotlight on it and they’re being ignored. Whether they’re taking a knee or whether they’re locking arms, they’re trying to bring people together and unite them for a cause.”

He continued, “I think the last couple days a couple more guys have gotten shot and killed in the middle of the street. More videos have come out of guys getting killed, and I think people are still missing the point. The reason these guys are kneeling, the reason we’re locking arms is to bring people together to make people aware that this is not right. It’s not right for people to get killed in the street.”

Sherman added that although he tries his best to inspire kids in the community and remind them of what to do in the presence of police, he feels the message is getting lost in the madness: “When you tell a kid, ‘When you’re dealing with police, just put your hands up and comply with everything,’ and there’s still a chance of them getting shot and no repercussions for anyone, that’s an unfortunate time to be living,” Sherman said. “It’s an unfortunate place to be in. There’s not a lot you can tell a kid.”

Sherman spoke for a little less than two minutes about the current racial climate.

He concluded: “Something needs to be done. And so when a guy takes a knee, you can ignore it. You can say he’s not being patriotic, he’s not honoring the flag. I’m doing none of those things. I’m saying, straight up, this is wrong and we need to do something. So thank you guys, have a blessed day.”

He then abruptly left the room, Yahoo Sports reports.

Sherman is the latest NFL player to take a stand following Colin Kaepernick’s controversial National Anthem protests.

The movement is growing. Check out Richard Sherman’s comments above.

SOURCE: USA Today, Yahoo Sports | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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