Sherman's comments on Wednesday are starkly different from previous comments he made in July 2016, when he doubled down on previous "all lives matter" comments in response to the rally cry, "Black Lives Matter."

The popular player refused to answer questions, and instead gave everyone a racism reality check.

Following two more high-profile shootings of Black men over the past few days, Sherman declined to answer any questions at a press conference Wednesday, but did address the need for social change.

Yeah, this is the face you make when you’re drag racing a teammate & they crash into a stop sign. According to, Seattle Seahawks RB Fred Jackson & RB Marshawn Lynch had a race after practice. But not on feet tho. Charger vs Corvette… Didn’t work out so well for one of them.. Click […]

Via: Bodyarmor, the first natural sports drink has released a hilarious promo starring Rob Gronkowski, Skylar Diggins, Buster Posey, Mike Trout, Andrew Luck, James Harden, and Richard Sherman.   Click Here For More Info

Whoa!!! I know winning a Super Bowl must be an incredible feeling. Especially with the last play of the game scenario like New England Patriots experienced. And I understand exuberant amounts of alcohol will make the manliest man do some questionable things. But to see a 6 ft 7 inch man “twerking”… Ummm. You tell […]


Perhaps Richard Sherman (pictured center) won’t be able to call himself a consecutive Super Bowl winner. But he got another great title recently: Dad. RELATED:…

Super Bowl 49 lived up to it’s name! Even tho it ended wacky as hell, it was a great game. I look forward to more than just the game. The commercials & supporting segments are very entertaining as well. Check out this video of Seahawks star running back Marshawn Lynch, vs Patriots star wide receiver […]

Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for Seahawks All-Pro CB Richard Sherman. I mean think about it in a matter of seconds you go from thinking you are Super Bowl champion to being crushed by Russell Wilson’s game losing interception. The worst part about it is that it all caught on camera for the […]

It’s mid-August also known to gamers as Madden Season. I’ve been playing Madden since I was old enough to hold a controller in both hands. If you play it or now someone who does I don’t need to explain how serious it is. Well Kevin Hart with the help of some celebrity cameos like Dez […]

Richard Sherman once declared he’s greatest cornerback in the game, and now he’s claiming to be the best chef. The Seahawks star teamed up with…