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The racial profiling epidemic is at an all-time high, and doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon.

But one Delaware man got fed up watching a police officer question a group of young boys on their bikes. Damieon Flowers approached the White cops while streaming on Facebook Live. The two officers claimed they were investigating a serious incident in the neighborhood.

Flowers’ video got over 2.5 million views, as he asked cops, “What, he got five felonies?” while they questioned a pre-teen. Flowers advised the juveniles not to talk to the officers: “Y’all didn’t do nothing. Don’t say nothing. You don’t gotta say nothing ’til your mom comes.” Flowers told the cops, “Let ’em go, they ain’t did nothing, they’re babies.”

Flowers turned the camera on himself at the end of the video to vent about the incident. “I about hit that motherf*cker man,” he exclaimed. “I got so much shit inside of me man, I was bout to hit that motherf*cker. Leave them kids alone man, f*ck with me.”

Daria Alexander, the mother of one of the boys, posted a comment thanking Flowers, “Thanks SO much one of the kids was MY son..and I’m on it.. Thanks a million.. it’s not ok .. I told my son you absolutely did nothing wrong..if riding your bike is wrong then damn.”

It’s lucky the incident didn’t escalate into something more dangerous, but amazing Flowers took a stand. Watch the video above; what do you think?


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