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“The Roast Master General” is hosting another infamous roast on Comedy Central. This roast is will be like others, crazy and full of a lot of disses.
On September 5th, Labor Day weekend, Jeff Ross is hosting the Rob Lowe roast and NFL’s great, Peyton Manning is one of the dais who will participating in roasting too.
Jeff Ross said on TMZ“Athletes are funny, but they don’t always take a joke well. They’re usually very sensitive.”
Manning isn’t the only athlete that’s doing a roast, in the past, the other professional athletes who are participated in roastings were, Warren Sapp, Mike Tyson and Shaq.
We’ve all seen Peyton and his brother Eli in commercials and their demeanor is always funny, but how will Peyton be when he’s in the hot seat?
We saw Shaq in the Justin Bieber roast, he also had Hannibal Curess, Chris D’Elia, Snoop Dogg, Natasha Leggier, Ludacris, Jeff Ross, Martha Stewart and Roast Master Kevin Hart.
The Bieber Roast was HILARIOUS and it was filled with cussing and innuendos, but it was worth the watch!
The cussing is expected in a roast and it’s surly going to be how Peyton Manning will roast Rob Lowe when it’s his turn.
Their connection goes back to 2012 when Rob Lowe made the announcement that Peyton was retiring, but Peyton didn’t retire.

Hearing my fave, #18 Peyton Manning will not return to . Wow. 

It should be interesting to see if Peyton uses that 2012 announcement and if says “Omaha” during his roasting.
That’s the famous play call Peyton is known for using.

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