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Tattooed Woman

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In Las Vegas, 24-year old Bayzle Morgan is going up for a robbery trial and his attorneys are asking the District Judge Richard Scotti who is assigned to his case for an unusual request, cover up the man’s tattoos.
The Defense attorney, Dan Bunin said, “The goal is to make sure we can get a jury to at least give him a fair trial.”

A month ago, Morgan was getting ready for another on another crime and the jurors admitted that they saw his tattoos and their minds were made up that he was guilty.
The potential jurors saw Morgan’s teardrop tattoo underneath one eye, the words “skin head” in place of his eyebrows, a nazi sign on his cheek bone, “Baby Nazi” on his neck, “Most Wanted” across his forehead and something above his lip.
“If it’s a certain kind of tattoo, in a certain spot, it signifies something more,” one of the dismissed jurors said. “And that automatically to me means somebody at one time did something inappropriate, or did something that was not acceptable to society, and therefore has been outcast into a particular group of people, whether they’re a gang or a mob,”
The Judge asked, “How is this man supposed to get a fair trial if everybody comes in here and thinks they might be influenced by the tattoos?”
The other jurors admitted to feeling, “Nervous” and “shaky” when they saw him last month.
The judge delayed Morgan’s trial so the prosecutors and defense could agree what to do… and to cover up the teardrop or not.
So, one day they had a cosmetologist spend two hours covering up the seven tattoos that could be seen  by a juror during trial.
The judge saw the cover up and said, “It looks good.” So this means that now, every morning before his trial, that the cosmetologist will have spend about two hours a morning covering up his tattoos and remove it after each day his trial is going on.
What do you think of that?
Do you think it’s a fair trial to hide this man’s apparent past or covering the tattoos up is a fair and good idea?
Morgan is scheduled for another trial, a capital murder trial next month too.

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