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Everyone knows that Colorado legalized marijuana, but in the town of Hugo, the pot shops are not permitted there.
As of right now, it’s a mystery how tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the main ingredient for marijuana was found in town’s water supply.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the FBI are helping in Lincoln County’s investigation on how the town’s water is testing positive for marijuana.
The question is, was it deliberate or is it just an accidental occurrence?

The town’s population is 720 people and in their town, they have five man water wells that supply the Hugo people clean water.
During their investigation, they said that one out of the five of the wells does show evidence of tampering.
After the Public Works discovered the tampered well, they immediately contacted the sheriffs and then a reverse 911 call went out.
The town was notified, asking their residents not to drink, shower or cook with the water to eliminate any potential contamination.
Just in case you think cool!!! There are side effect issues depending how much you ingested. The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment states:
  • While we do not currently have reliable information on the amount of THC in the water, worst-case possible effects from short-term ingestion may include:
    • Impaired coordination and thinking that may affect the ability to drive
    • Increased anxiety and/or increased heart rate
    • Psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoia, or delusional beliefs
    • Temporary impairments in learning ability and short-term memory
  • Research has shown that marijuana use by women during pregnancy is associated with attention problems, decreased academic ability and cognitive function in exposed offspring. We do not have any research on the effects of THC in drinking water for pregnant women.
The town is being sent bottled water for the residents to have for drink and such.

Let us say thank you to @CBI_Colorado @FBIDenver@CDPHE and @COEmergency for all of their help! Testing cont..

Hugo Residents Evidence of THC in town water,Dont

drink,shower,or cook w/it.Fresh H20 coming Will advise when

it arrives.

– Well #1 is being held until addtl resources arrive. State Lab Team enrt to complete more tests