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At just 9-years old, Will Martinez is battling Leukemia, a cancer that he was diagnosed with when he was barely 6-years old.
During his battle, it’s apparent that Will’s love is the Houston Texans and J.J. Watt, the protector.
As you can imagine, Will’s wish is to meet J.J. Watt and to have dinner with him too and luckily, that wish is about to come true.
That’s right, Will was surprised by Make-A-Wish with J.J. coming over for dinner.
Will explains to ESPN about the decorations in his room and why it’s decorated in Houston Texans #99.
Will starts off with his Watt Fathead that is on his wall as you walk into his bedroom that is accompanied with a Will Fathead next to J.J.
Will says, “I like that he’s making this awesome face and I like how tall he is.”
They ask him if he ever talks to J.J. and he says, “Yeah, I talk to him and I’m like, I say if there is any creatures coming in, they look up and they’re like get out of my room right now. That’s why I have him here because he’s the guard.”
Will’s journey all started in 2013, when Will became lethargic on a family vacation and he was taken to an Urgent Care for help and that’s when the Urgent Care immediately sent the family to Texas Children’s Hospital for treatment of his Leukemia.
So the day that J.J. showed up, it turned out to be a huge surprise for Will and you hear Will saying, “J.J. WATT!”
He and J.J. do a few Football passes, they play corn hole and we see J.J. riding around on a tricycle.
Will shows J.J. his room and even J.J. is awed by his Fathead in his bedroom.
“Will Power” that’s motto that the family uses to encourage him and this is even what he gives J.J. Watt when they’re at the dinner table together, a “Will Power” bracelet for him to wear.
J.J. invites Will and his family to OTA’s so he can meet the team and Coach O’Brien and while he’s there, Will doesn’t hesitate when they let him participate in the practice.
Coach O’Brien says, on the Houston Texans website, “Will Martinez, what an inspiration. Obviously, that hits home to us here, with our organization, with Mr. McNair and his battle and David Quessenberry and my mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor so it hits home. So anything you bring a kid like Will Martinez to the center of a huddle, make his day, it really makes both our days so I think it was a great day for Houston.”

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