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It’s finally time for Scrapp Deleon to go to jail. Scrapp spent his last moments with his family and children before going under. His penalty was a $100,000 fine, and 20 years with a mandatory of five served and the balance of that 20 on probation. Laaaaawd. Mandatory minimums are nooooooo joke and wicked. You should do yourself a favor and Google why there are a lot of activists out there fighting for reform.


The next bit of drama to uncover is the Stevie J secret baby situation. Remember when Joseline told Mimi that Stevie had two secret babies running around? Well, hold that thought. This is still pending the DNA test. We’ll get there in a minute.

Betty Idol sat with Momma Dee and showed her a video of Scrappy bashing D. Smith, calling her a man with a wig on. Momma Dee wasn’t happy about it, and claimed she didn’t raise him to be judgmental and intolerant, which is believable. With a parent as eccentric and wild as Momma Dee (remember, she was a pimp at one point), how could you be so judgy? Anyway, Momma Dee said she’ll talk to Scrappy and her ultimate goal is to get him to apologize for what he said about Betty’s friend.

Now we get back to the Stevie J paternity situation. Stevie and Mimi headed to one of the alleged baby mamas’ house with the intention of doing a DNA test. I forgot her name, but she admitted to lying about Stevie being her child’s father, and having sex with Stevie period, all because she wanted to be famous. Yup, she said she had what it takes to become a singer, or something like that.


And if Kim Kardashian and Mimi can have sex tapes then so can she.


Mimi kept it cool, calm and collected while giving that woman the business about messing with a man’s livelihood and dipped out before anything could escalate (because you know fame-hungry people have nothing to lose). Stevie followed suit and asked that this woman no longer contact him. That is really some bat ish crazy kind of stuff. Stevie may need a restraining order. Moving on, Mimi later went on to investigate the other baby mama in question that Joseline mentioned, and found nothing to substantiate claims of another child. Mimi is finally getting hip to Joseline’s motives and realizes that their friendship was a farce. She also claimed that she was done getting in between their drama.


Momma Dee finally got the chance to confront Scrappy about his transphobic comments about D. Smith. She urged Scrappy to at least meet with Betty and apologize for offending her and her friend. Later on, we see Betty Idol and D. Smith at a rehearsal or a show that Scrappy had (who knows), and the moment came when Scrappy sat face to face with them. Scrappy basically said he had beef with “men who trick people.” But really it sounded like his situation was a little more personal, catch my drift?


In the end, the convo remained civil. Scrappy is still a transphobe, but they seemed to agree to disagree and avoid long-standing beef for now.

At the end of the episode, Stevie appeared on a radio show where they asked him about some photos that surfaced of Joseline and Rick Ross looking a little cozy at an event (which you’ve probably read about to death by now). Stevie basically called Joseline low class (not in those words, but that was the just of it) and said that they were no longer together. In fact, he confirmed that they were never married.

Captain Obvious be like…


Anyway, that’s all for tonight. See you next week!


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