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In, Boynton Beach, a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, an 18-year old decided to SnapChat him whipping his 17-year old girlfriend.
The boyfriend is Smith Dorcent, the victims child’s father.
Smith used some poor judgement because now, he has been charged with child abuse and false imprisonment after his booking on Wednesday,

Even though the SnapChat video isn’t lengthy, the police was still able to captured this man after they copied and sent the video to the Department of Children and Family services investigator.
When the 17-year old girlfriend confirmed that she was the one on that video, she later told the authorities that the disturbance and abuse began when she refused to “unlock her phone” for him.
So, he’s jealous and in a rage from his jealousy and this is when he decided to hold her down, tie her hands with a headband, he grabbed her finger to unlock the phone and began videoing him whipping her on the booty and the legs.
When he did stop, he stopped to laugh at her and to post the video that’s showing him humiliating her.
As popular as SnapChat is, what you do if you saw something similar on your friend’s snapchat account?
That’s not a crazy question because the 17-year old’s friend saw the SnapChat and she recognized Smith’s bedroom and she raced over to help her friend.

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