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HTC10_Gray-2 600 x 423

HTC 10

To be fly, dad’s gotta stand out a little. We’re not talking about blinking tie standout but he needs to look like he knows what he’s doing. He can make a choice, rather than just go with whatever everyone else is doing. The HTC 10 is an excellent choice. Not to throw shade at Samsung and iPhone, but they are on the wine list. The HTC 10 is the bottle that cool guy asks by name and year without looking at the menu. They might not have it, but now you’re gonna ask what did he order. That’s what the HTC 10 is, instant vintage. Smooth slick lines, running the most up to date version of Android but with a simplified UI that doesn’t make it burdensome, and arguably the best audio quality in the market. Yeah it’s a little more expensive than it’s peers but you get what you pay for and besides dad’s worth it.

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