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Source: Blend Images – JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty

In Maryland a 7-year old kid took matters into his own hands when he saw an armed robber.
In the surveillance footage, you see the first grader on the other side of the store when the robbers entered.
The kid’s parents said that after his soccer practice they went out to eat and when leaving the boy spotted a Yoshi doll inside the Gamestop store that he wanted. So, that’s what they did, they went inside the store and once inside the three separated.

“We were on the other side of the store, checking out some of the merchandise,” the father told “He was looking at the end with the plush toys, and he picked one of them up and was holding it in his hands when the armed robbers came in.”
According to the Montgomery Police Dept., the footage shows the little boy swing two left hooks before being pulled away.
And within moments, the dad said that he saw his boy slip the second burglar two punches.
All while holding the doll that he was carrying too.
Dad said, “I think he was scared. Like any young child, he probably at first didn’t recognized that he was in a dangerous situation and they represented a threat to him and his instincts just took over.”
This family were also in the store before closing time and they were the only other people besides the armed robbers in there too.
Dad continued with, “As he grows older, he’ll learn. But what he did was natural, and he acted to defend himself, and that’s good instinct for someone to have in general. We’re proud of him for that.”
After his courageous acts, the store offered the kid the Yoshi doll that he held onto during the entire event…. Dad said, “He’s taking care of it. He feels it’s something that was there with him in that moment, and sort of a lucky charm.”
The police department said that they still have no ID of the suspects.