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Unsealed court transcripts of Camille Cosby’s court deposition about Bill Cosby admitting to numerous extramarital affairs and allegedly drugging women have been released. What did Mrs. Cosby say about the behavior of her husband of 50 years?

Pretty much nothing.

During the 6-hour sit-down on Feb 22, Mrs. Cosby had “no opinion”  and refused to answer many questions, MSNBC reportedHer defiant behavior also included her leaving the room during questioning.

Also during the deposition, Mrs. Cosby was asked to read aloud passages from her husband’s 2005 deposition where he admitted to affairs with other women. When asked how that made her feel or did she believe her husband was deceitful or trustworthy, she had “no opinion” and in some instances invoked spousal privilege. She also had no opinion when asked if giving Quaaludes to women for sex was OK.

According to MSNBC, when asked what she believed “honesty” meant, Mrs. Cosby said: “I’m not going to expound on this.” When told she had to answer, she responded, “I do not have to. I’m done.”

The deposition also included:

  • Mrs. Cosby claiming that she rarely watches or reads any media coverage about the allegations against her husband.
  • All of her understanding of the charges against Mr. Cosby come from conversations with him and their lawyers.
  • Mrs. Cosby claimed she did not read the transcripts of her husband’s 2005 deposition and has is unaware what her husband admitted to under oath.
  • Has no opinion about Cosby’s alleged love child, Autumn Jackson, other than a DNA test proves that Jackson is not Mr. Cosby’s daughter.

This deposition was in relation to a current defamation lawsuit filed against Mr. Cosby by seven women Cosby claims are lying about their allegations against him. Currently, more than 50 women have come forward accusing the icon of sexual assault, drugging them and/or inappropriate sexual behavior. He denies all of these allegations and proclaims that he is innocent.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cosby faces additional charges in California and Pennsylvania, where MSNBC noted that Playboy creator Hugh Hefner was disposed on Wednesday in Los Angeles to testify in a Calif. case involving a woman accusing Cosby of raping her at the Playboy mansion when she was only 15-years-old. Those transcripts have yet to be released to the public.


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