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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta revisits last week’s conversation between Joseline and Karlie Redd where Joseline threatened to leak some mysterious messed up information about Karlie. Karlie claimed that she didn’t care, but you could hear it in her quivering voice that she was hurt. After hearing Karli’s voice crack, Joseline claimed that she didn’t want Karli to feel that she’s an evil person, but like, exposing something about someone to intentionally be hurtful isn’t nice. So…

Yeah, this convo wasn’t really worth having, and even Karlie Redd figured that out. She cut the chat short and chucked the deuces to Joseline. How proud are we for people on the Love and Hip-Hop franchise finally learning how to disengage?


Anyway, Joseline is having a premiere party for her music video where she plans to invite everybody, particularly all the people who “hate on her” so much. She has something up her sleeve, but we’ll have to wait and see what that is.

One a more positive note, Rasheeda brought Kirk and Scrappy together and guess what? They actually squashed their beef!


Karlie Redd isn’t the only one Joseline is digging up dirt on. Basically, this entire episode revolves around Joseline stirring up drama. joseline pulled up KK’s entire criminal history, including the fact that she may have even been on America’s Most Wanted, and handed it to Mimi because she “doesn’t want Eva to be around people like that”

Let’s be real, Joseline just doesn’t like the fact that Stevie and KK are close. She believes that they’ve had sex, but that’s a claim that Stevie and KK deny. Who knows whether they’re telling the truth or not, but side eyes go out to all parties involved, just because…


Mimi is still trying to make this storyline with her new boo, Chris, work. So, she mentions that she wants Chris to meet Stevie and by extension, Joseline. Chris isn’t too excited about this (Chris basically thinks Stevie and Joseline are trouble), but Mimi insists, so the plan is for all of them to meet at Joseline’s party is set in motio—as if that’s going to end well.

Speaking of Joseline, she spread some gossip to Tommie too. Word on the street is (you know, a “credible source”), Scrapp had a third woman that he was hiding from Tommie and Tiarra. So, Tommie stormed over to Scrapp’s spot, wearing lingerie, literally dressed in all black like the Omen (she looked sexy and ridiculous all at once), and began searching around, looking in stupid places, ranting about “Where the b—ch at?” She found no one. Womp womp.



Joseline’s premiere release party is the main event of the show, but don’t get excited, because we all get left hanging by the time the episode ends. Basically, Mimi talks Chris into showing up, but Joseline starts acting shady as soon as they meet. Joseline makes it a point to remind Chris that she had a threesome with Mimi. It was all-rude everything on Joseline’s part (and water is wet), but Chris remained impressively calm. This conversation will probably go left, but if it doesn’t there’s more drama to be experienced next week. From the looks of next week’s preview, Tommie has a score to settle with Joseline and spit will fly.


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