Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

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I think everyone knows about the popular Snapchat filters that you find when you take pictures or a selfie on their app. You know that they have the filters that shows your city, one that shows the speed that you’re, the time, the temp and now funny backgrounds.
Well, one night Christal McGee and her three passengers were driving and using her Snapchat app in order to receiver “trophy’ on her Snapchat app.
Christal was trying to post a snap of her high rate of speed… she went hit 107 mph too.
When Christal decided to snap her selfie, showing how fast she was driving, she forgot to look at the road because that’s when she hit Wentworth Maynard sending him to the intensive care for 5 weeks.
Now, Christal has a lawsuit against her by the victim that her actions caused permanent brain damage to.
According to the complaint filed by Wentowrth, one of her passengers claims that she actually went higher then 107, she made it to 113 mph.
It also says, “While McGee was distracted on her phone, McGee did not notice that a grey Mitsubishi, driven by Maynard Wentworth, had pulled out onto the road.”
And since he’s named Snapchat in the suit, the complaint says, “On and before September 10, 2015, Snapchat knew from prior experience that, collectively, it’s users it’s users will repeatedly upload and transfer data over the Internet through the use of Snapchat servers.”
Wentworth was an Uber drive at the time and now, he can’t walk without the use of a walker or a wheelchair. The lawsuit against Snapchat is for the medical bills he got those 5 weeks in the intense care.
After the accident, Christal sent another snap out while in the ambulance and bloodied up saying “Lucky to be alive.”
There is a Facebook group that called Mothers Against Snapchatting While Driving, trying to get the word out there.
Check out their lawsuit and don’t text and drive or Snapchat and drive.. just drive.

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