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The episode begins with Andre stopping by Boo Boo Kitty’s place to get that old thing back with Rhonda (who had been staying with her). Dre revealed that he had been taking his meds and that he wanted things to be right with them again. Rhonda and Dre’s lovey-dovey moment was interrupted when Boo Boo Kitty upchucked the Chinese food she had just shared with Rhonda. That was when she finally revealed that she’s pregnant by Hakeem.

Hakeem’s stint as CEO depended on Mimi and Camilla’s support, but now that they’re dead, there’s a chance that Lucious can finally get back in position. There’s going to be another shareholder’s meeting, but in the meantime, Lucious has a lot of sabotaging to do because that is what he does to his own flesh and blood.

Cookie is not feeling Freda Gatz’s closeness to any of her boys. She even confronted Lucious about killing Gatz’s father and told him that she doesn’t want “that dangerous b—h” around her boys. Lucious denied involvement in Grank Gathers’ death, but Cookie isn’t stupid.

Cookie, in her quest to get Freda Gatz away from working with Jamal, may have actually made the animosity that Freda already feels toward Lucious, and will eventually feel toward all of the Lyons (especially when she finds out about her dad) worse. Basically, Cookie introduced Jamal to Stacey Run Run, the hottest female rapper in the game. But remember, Jamal had been working with Freda Gatz on some new songs and their creative chemistry is amazing, but that doesn’t matter to Cookie. Stacey is the bigger star and she has an exclusivity clause in her contract, meaning that Jamal can’t work with any other rappers. Jamal knows that if he works with Stacey, he could really give Lucious a run for his money. Loyalty would be nice, but he wants to win that Asa Award, so he goes along with Cookie’s plan instead.

Rhonda and Dre convinced Boo Boo Kitty to tell the family that she’s pregnant with Hakeem’s baby. Rhonda said she begged Boo Boo Kitty to keep the baby, and actually you start to wonder if Boo Boo Kitty really didn’t have anything to do with Rhonda losing her baby after all. Then the question of Jamal’s alleged daughter comes up. However, Lucious had a DNA test done on the low (we saw Thirsty visiting the daughter on the playground and yanking a piece of her hair out), and it’s not Jamal’s child after all, so Boo Boo Kitty would be producing the lone Lyon heir if she brings the baby to term. Boo Boo Kitty’s only stipulation was that she and her baby boy get to be a family with the Lyons.

Later on, Lucious paid her a visit and offered her $10 millie for her to just give the baby to Hakeem and disappear. She’s not stupid, so of course she’s not taking the deal. Instead she reminds Lucious that they were together for five years and that she didn’t drop dime on the feds, but she could if she wanted to so he better not try anything funny. Lucious leaves her with a warning, “You know, a lot of women and me never survive childbirth.”


Is he implying what it sounds like he’s implying–that Rhonda’s baby was actually his and he’s behind pushing her down the stairs?


You already know the type of drama that goes down on this show so let’s just say we’re counting down until that revelation comes to light. But back to the battle of the CEO spot…

The shareholder’s meeting doesn’t go well for Hakeem. Lucious has been sabotaging him this entire episode and it all came to a head when the shareholders voted Hakeem out as CEO. The new CEO hasn’t been announced yet, but there’s a great chance that it’s going to be Lucious.

Jamal ended up realizing that he wasn’t feeling the idea of working with Stacy Run Run. Not only did she not show up to their studio session because she was in Tokyo but she sent her vocals in. This made Jamal realize that the synergy he had with Freda Gatz was much better. He went running back to Freda, but she was distant and cold, and rightfully so. She told him she’d think about working with him again.


The episode concludes with Thirsty checking up on, wait for it…Lucious’ mother. Apparently, she’s in some type of home and we see her sitting in a rocking chair staring into space, seemingly unresponsive, but singing the “Mona Lisa” song we often heard her singing in Lucious’ flashbacks. She obviously didn’t kill herself, so why the heck is Lucious spinning the story to make it seem like she did? We won’t know just yet because Thirsty paid what looked like the head nurse of the facility a handsome sum of money, presumably to keep quiet.

This is getting way too heavy.


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