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Protesters March Over Death Of Freddie Gray

The Baltimore Police Department is back in the news after a home video went viral.

Tionne Jones was charged with disorderly conduct after he was snatched from the confines of his home by a white BPD officer. The beginning of the video showed Tionne talking to another officer, who was black, as the two are discussing  whether Tionne lives in the home where the recording took place.

“[He’s] telling a lieutenant blocking the front door of the home to leave, noting that he lives at the home and the lieutenant didn’t have a warrant. The lieutenant can be heard telling Jones he is “not the property owner,” and asking to speak with the owner.”

Tionne told the black officer that because he didn’t have a search warrant, Tionne would not let him in the house. The black officer insisted on receiving confirmation from “the property owner,” despite several family members corroborating Tionne’s story. The officer refused to leave at their request, placing his hand on the inside of the door frame so Tionne and his family wouldn’t be able to close the door. The officer called for backup.

When the next officer, a white officer, arrived on the scene he made an immediate beeline toward the door. Once at the door, the white officer grabs Tionne, who’s inside the house, and pulls him out on the sidewalk. The family yelled and told the white officer that Tionne lives there. He replied, “that don’t matter.”

At this time, both the BPD and prosecutors decided they won’t press criminal charges.

“T.J. Smith, a police spokesman, said the department’s “executive team met to discuss this issue and the circumstances surrounding the arrest,” and determined that criminal charges against Jones “were not appropriate in this situation.”

“Rochelle Ritchie, a spokeswoman for State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, said Monday that after “a careful review of the incident,” prosecutors agreed with police “that it was not appropriate to bring charges in this matter.”

Tionne’s mother, a retired BPD officer, said she was “hurt” by what happened to him. When he was telling her about the situation he told her “this could have been another Freddie Gray incident.”

SOURCE: Baltimore Sun | PHOTO: Getty



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