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Blue tone of locked handcuffs.

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You read this headline and you think, ‘who would rob a make-a-wish foundation?’ and you’re right… who would do that?
Well, it happened in the San Francisco area last weekend when two thieves decided to break-in, ransack and steal the items that were collected for a child who was on the list of the Make-a-Wish.

In case you’re uncertain of what it is, it’s a foundation is a non-profit organization that grants “wishes” to children who have life-threatening medical conditions.
The two guys decided to steal an autographed motor scooter that had been donated by the Houston Astros’ former outfielder, Hunter Pence.
Pence, who currently plays for the San Francisco Giants now had something to say about it too.

I can’t believe it! It’s scooter-gate all over again 

Pence’s scooter was purchased by a donor for $40,000 and was also personalized too, saying, “To Michelle, Much Love!” and included a smiling face for her too.
Along with the scooter, they stole more then that, they also go away with laptops, iPads and they also went through offices and desks draws and cabinets too. They rifled through bags, baskets and other thing that they threw all over the floors too.
It’s a disgusting act  that “shocked and saddened” the employees too. One of their employees, Tamara Burnett said, “It’s just such disappointment that somebody would do this. My heart just kind of sank… I didn’t believe it… It absolutely breaks your heart. Most of all I just want justice. Our organization strives to grant every eligible wish child’s wish and we would hate for this to set us back.”
The surveillance footage show two people before entering the building, one sitting on the stairs with his head in his hands and his buddy is leaning down talking to the one sitting down.
Wonder what he was telling him… then they went inside and went to work.