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Part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta finale finally summed up all the drama from the season, but this time the men joined the fun and we discovered that Porsha is in anger management, but we’ll get there. Let’s start with NeNe’s grand return.


NeNe came through wearing a lacey white cat suit and her goal was to “give us body.” She definitely did that. She also revealed that she stepped away from the show because she needed a break, but she missed it (either that or she couldn’t find work while she was away and needed to stay relevant), so of course she came back. In NeNe’s words, the show is her baby since she is one of the originals and she needed to come back. She knows she missed the drama!

After Nene’s dramatic entrance, they rehashed things from the season like Cynthia flip-flopping about her friendship with Kenya. They’re good now, but Kenya mentioned that her feelings were hurt. That’s no surprise, though. It was also confirmed that Cynthia is aware of her flip-flopping ways. That is also a memo from Captain Obvious. They moved on to Porsha and Phaedra’s respective affinities for running around tropical destinations wearing thongs and mesh coverups yet insisting that they’re classy. We’re used to this by now though, right? When will they will finally embrace the ratchet? Who knows…

Finally, the men came out and the topic of Chris’sexual orientation came up. Remember when they were talking smack about him in Jamaica by insinuating that he was gay, and basically making jokes about his sexuality like a bunch of mean girls? Kenya also claimed that people in the industry called him “Chrissy.” Well, Chris got his chance to buck up and gave a classy response. He said that as a performer he’s used to people talking smack about him and that he’s secure in himself, what’s not to love about that? Oop. Chris then asked Kenya to name names about who calls him Chrissy, and Kenya wouldn’t answer. Chris pressed the issue and Matt jumped in for Kenya, telling Chris that he should address him and not his lady. Chris held his own, though, and didn’t back down but he never got an answer, messing with Kenya. But at least the situation didn’t escalate. Meanwhile, Kenya is still wishing she had what Kim had.

The conversation then turned into a back and forth about who said what out of all the ladies, but really, Cynthia and Sheree were the only ones who didn’t engage in the ki ki. Andy finally called them out on their chit chat and said that the way they were clowning Chris seemed like they were gay bashing in general, and for once they all got quiet for a hot sec. It’s interesting that a group of women who are always using colloquialisms from gay culture and hanging out with flamboyantly gay men were so shady about someone’s sexuality. Their behavior toward Kim and Chris was downright nasty.


Eventually, everyone did apologize, even Kenya (after Andy forced her to), but hers wasn’t genuine. You know how she does with the, “I’m sorry you were offended” bs. That’s exactly what she said, by the way.


Now, about Porsha’s anger management situation…

Basically we were shown unseen footage of Porsha screaming like a wild banshee at some girl named Jami at an event. Basically, Jami was someone who worked for Porsha who talked smack about her and she didn’t like that very much. So, yeah, she went to try to beat her down. It looked like she was restrained, so no beatings ensued, but wouldn’t someone who is used to doing reality TV be used to people talking smack about them? Nevermind, this is Porsha we’re talking about. Anyway, that was Porsha’s third physical altercation during her run on this franchise(Kenya, Cynthia and now Jami), and second this season . Initially, Porsha was going to explain herself, but she stopped because Kenya was trying to rile her up with the passive aggressive poking thing that she does. Porsha refused to speak if Kenya insisted on making petty comments. But eventually Porsha did address the fact that she is in anger management. The other women also admitted that they had been uncomfortable being around Porsha at times. However, Kim at least added a positive spin and congratulated her on going to get help. And it looks like it’s helping, because Kenya tried to antagonize her hard core (you know how she does), but Porsha refrained from literally snatching her wig the entire time. Brava!

The episode concluded with each woman talking about all they’ve learned and what life is like for them right now, yatta yatta. Kim Fields isn’t coming back, but she is on Dancing With The Stars, and we’ll probably see all the other ladies again, plus one or two newbies, this summer on RHOAS9. 


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