Andy calls the women out for their shady chatter about Chris' sexuality, Kenya delivers another shady apology, and more.

Kenya Moore is still playing the passive aggressive bully role and it has long gotten old, while Phaedra and Kandi address their broken friendship once again.

The feds pay Cynthia, Peter, Kandi and Todd a visit to retrieve some of Apollo's pricey possessions.

Phaedra takes her boys to visit Apollo in jail while Kenya talks wedding bells and babies with Matt.

The crew wraps up the Jamaica trip by rehashing all the drama. However, surprisingly, some people were actually mature and buried the hatchet.

Cynthia tries to get Kenya and Kim to play nice for the sake of co-directing her commercial, but they're not into working together.

Todd and Phaedra have seemingly settled their financial beef, while Kandi and Porsha overcame their tension.