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We talked to H-Town’s own Rocko Stedy about why he chained himself to the roof top of Proof Lounge for an 120 hour fast.  He My goal is to sell 2016 albums in the next 4 days, 120 hours. I’m gonna be locked up to this ‘I Love You’ sign.” Rocko believes in the power of words he says you can “You can either build or destroy with your words.” The feels that confidence is key. “If you believe in yourself, than other people will believe in you. If you love what you do, it will love you back. And that is why I’ve chained myself to an ‘I Love You’ sign in front of a city that I love so much.”  He said God told him that instead of selling 2016 CDS in one year he should do it in 4 days.

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Rocko Stedy has dedicated his life to helping people discover their passions and put into action the energy, strategy, and resources that create the motivation to reach desired levels of personal fulfillment. As a hiphop artist that specializes in culture, Rocko Stedy has performed for 175 cultural  and civic festivals in the city of Houston and a total of 684 shows in the year 2015 alone both nationally and internationally. Combining his love for hiphop with his Do Better City movement, message about power of words, passion for personal development and culture- Rocko continues to make music based on progressively effecting his community. Known for his impactful theme songs, Rocko has been branded as America’s Gift Rapper. He was commissioned by The mayor to make a theme song for the city of Houston. His client list extends from Samsung Mobile to Major sport teams around the country.His vision for Houston is to make it the most positive city to live in by 2017.

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Meet H-Town’s Own Inspirational Hip-Hop Artist Rocko Stedy [PHOTOS]
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