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Baseball in a Glove

Source: Ryan McVay / Getty

It’s possible that everyone has seen the news or the vids on social media showing fans who are sitting in the stands and hit at baseball games by a ball or broken bats or something… if not, just know it happens.
Another unexpected flying object flying into the stands happened again over the weekend at the Pittsburgh Pirate’s Saturday game.
The Pirates played against the Atlanta Braves when the Pirates outfielder Danny Ortiz lost the grip of his bat where his bat slip sent his bat flying into the stands.
Like usual, the unfortunate fan who it was aiming towards was a child!

The line of fire that the bat was targeted to hit happened at the moment the child had his head down in a cell phone.
The outfielder, Danny Ortiz said, “I didn’t know what happened, if it (hurt) the boy or anything. I went home and my wife said to me, ‘You almost killed that kid!’ “
Of course the Tribune had a slideshow of the incident and that’s exactly what Mrs. Ortiz showed Danny too. He said, “I saw the picture. It was crazy. That guy took (a blow) for the kid. The father, or whoever he was, he protected that kid.”
The amazing man who was sitting next to the kid luckily had fast reflexes because when he saw that bat coming towards the boy’s face, he threw his arm and hand out to stop the bat.
This kid could have been seriously injured or worse, it could have killed him.
Last season, a woman was knocked unconscious when she was standing too close to the net and with her back facing the game…
Another unfortunate accident, but we know that those balls can fly at 90+ miles.
So the moral of the story is, if you’re sitting in the lower seats, keep your eyes on the game.