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There are just some arguments that should happen behind closed doors. One of them being a ridiculous beef slash distance peeing session between Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank all formerly of TGT.

In December 2015, Tyrese announced that the Grammy nominated R&B group that put out one album together in 2013 would be disbanding. “I’m sorry to break the new,” he said in an informal Instagram statement.

“TGT is done.. It’s not about fault.. Business is business… We will forever love our brother G as brothers… We’ve got TOO much history to turn this into anything negative… Even 112 are still together, NEXT, DRU HILL is still together and TROOP and New Edition… And now it’s over.”

“We have been forced to try to look into someone else,” Tyrese added. “Or me and T just might do it solo… The reason it worked is because of our history and mutual respect… I don’t know I’m just shocked and disappointed that I’m even putting up this post…”

Not so subtly saying him and Tank move on without Ginuwine, the news was a surprise to the “Pony” singer who was not consulted about the breakup.

“Wow really to post personal Bizns sh*t is a pu**y move ni**a why would you do that and since you wanna do that keep it going and we will expose it all DIVA lets get it!!!!!!,” he responded. “Be a fu*king man not a lil boy talk to me call don’t try and manipulate the situation publicly wack wack wack of you. Exactly why it is the way it is.”

Fast forward to last week when Tank was interviewed by TMZ in an airport. When asked about the status of TGT he said, “Tyrese still doesn’t wanna split the money equally, so we’re done. We’re good.”


Never letting anything go, Tyrese decided to clap back on Instagram with a series of post. The most recent being on Friday with him sitting by a fire place and puffing out his chest. “Jump out there Tank,” he says. “Why don’t you tell them the truth? I get $150,000 a show. What do you get per show? Oh so you want to split it equal? So you can ride the wave of my hotness. I see.”

In less than 24 hours, Tank responded on Instagram by saying, “I’m out here working with Power 106, a mainstream station that will never play your record.” Adding, “You say you get how much a show? $150k a show? [chuckles loudly]”

While Ginuwine has yet to respond —probably because he has bigger fish to fry— there is one thing that’s clear. These men are acting like little children.

When a business relationship doesn’t work out, it shows not tact to jump on social media and rail through the details of why. Considering the fact that the entertainment world is only so big, compounded by the R&B world specifically, it makes no sense to ruffle feathers.

Especially when we know they’ll be a TGT reunion once they all need that check.


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