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In Germany, a 46-year old Salesman, Oliver Dietmann, could be in-prisoned for the next five years for something that he did with this “lover” aka girlfriend in the bedroom.
The two originally met in 2004, but they’re relationship hit another level in 2014.
One night Rica Varna came over and the two got frisky in the bedroom… Oliver used the cucumber to satisfy Rica, but it didn’t turn out the way he thought it would.

Oliver didn’t stop at cucumbers, during his testimony during his trial, he described that it wasn’t out of the ordinary for them to use vegetables as sex toys.
He also testified that night that they used a carrot bunch and zucchini too and all this was testified in front of Rica’s father and her sister too.
Unfortunately, the two had shared four bottles of wine and many glasses of schnapps and later, it tests show that Rica was four times over the legal limit to drive.
So, the cucumber “served it’s purpose” and as Oliver explained, “I put it in her moth abut suddenly I saw there was smoke coming from the kitchen. I forgot that I had put a piece of meat on the stove for my dog. I ran to the kitchen, fed my dog and then went on the balcony to smoke a cigarette.”
Maybe it was poor judgement or all the alcohol that he had drank, but either way, he forgot about her.
“I tried to get the cucumber pieces out of her mouth,” he said, “but they were so mushy I couldn’t get any purchase at all.”
The medical experts said that the cucumber pieces had lodged into her throat and cut off her airway supply which sent her into a coma.
His verdict will be read on Friday.
Via: dailymail