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The other day during Hueytown, Alabama’s torrential rains, an 18-year veteran police officer, Cpl. Sebastian Goldman was receiving some help by a 19-year old grocery store employee when he was doing some grocery shopping for the jail inmates.
Cpl. Sebastian Goldman was leaving Hueytown’s Food Giant when the store’s 19-year old store clerk who was helping him load up when he looked down and saw the kid’s shoes.

The Cpl. said, “I looked at him and said, ‘What’s up with duct tape?’ Is that something all the kids are doing? A fashion statement?”
The Cpl. didn’t really think that it was a fashion statement, but hearing what the kid’s response was really tugged at the 48-year dad’s heart.
He told Cpl., “Me working here, I split my shoes. I was going to buy some more when I get paid.”
During their moment together at the car, Cpl. was just thinking about what the kid told him and he casually asked the 19-year old what his shoe size was and later thanked him for helping him load the jail’s groceries in the car.
Cpl. said that the image of the kid’s shoes just never left his mind and he said, “I didn’t know if he had to walk home in the rain or what. “
Cpl.’s heart of gold just took over and he went out after delivering the food to the prison and purchased a size 12 1/2 shoes for the 19-year old grocery store clerk.
When Cpl. went back to the store, he basically surprised the kid with the shoes, saying, “I said, ‘Man, here you go. I didn’t know payday was Friday or two weeks from now.'” The kid’s reply was honorable, he said, “What do I owe you?”
Cpl. told him, “just pay it forward,” meaning do a kind deed for someone else.
Cpl. later said in his interview, “My granddaddy used to always say, ‘You know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where you’re going.’ That stuck with me.”
The Hueytown Chief Chuck Hagler said, “Like so many officers, one of the things that attracted Corporal Goldman to police work was the chance to help people. I am pleased and proud of what he did, but not surprised. Good people act when they see a person in need and most police officers that I know are fundamentally good people.”
The good deed wasn’t something that the Cpl. was sharing to recognition, but another shopper saw it and she posted it on social media anyway.
Angela Roach Scory wrote on her Facebook page, “Special Shout out to Hueytown Police Officer Goldman.”