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College Students Allege Rapper’s Tweet Left Them Homeless 

Infamous Chicago rapper Chief Keef has an extensive rap sheet of gang and gun violence. Despite his controversial image, the 20-year-old has a legion of fans which include over one million Twitter followers. He recently tweeted out the address of a Minneapolis home and encouraged people to “throw eggs and sh-t in a bag and rocks and all that at this address Ima repost it.” Within hours, dozens of people had arrived at the home, which is occupied by three local college students. Police were called and had to park a squad car in front of their residence. A neighbor of the students was also robbed at gunpoint by several Keef enthusiasts who were trying to find the house. It’s unknown exactly how the rapper got the address. Supposedly there may have been a feud that began over the game xBox and that particular address was given in lieu of the accurate location of the person in the spat with Keef. One of the home’s occupants, Ashley, said that she’s resorted to sleeping in her car. “It’s really not safe to be in the neighborhood anymore. There’s a lot of suspicious activity going on and it’s not in our best interest to put ourselves in harm’s way,” she said. FOX

Former Police Officer Sentenced In Child Pornography Case

Officer Alberto Yard, a 19-year veteran of the Brooklyn court has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for sexually exploiting more than a dozen children for his “vast” and “grotesque” collection of kiddie porn. Within 3 laptops and 10 cell phones, the FBI uncovered 8,279 photos, and 63 videos featuring at least 18 victims, some of whom were wards of the Children’s Aid Society. Yard had access to many of the children through his girlfriend, Colette Robertson who was employed by the Children’s Aid Society. She confessed to being aroused by Yard’s photos which led her to also take explicit photos the children when they were in her custody. Robertson was sentenced to 25 years in jail.  Several of Yard’s friends and family wrote letters on his behalf which said he had never fully recovered from the death of his 17-year-old daughter who was shot in a nightclub in 2009. Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorneys Margaret Gandy and Nadia Moore had no remorse toward Yard. In court documents they expressed their disgust for the officer abusing his power. “The fact that he was able to commit these crimes while gainfully employed, living in the same home as his parents, and maintaining positive relationships with family and friends, reveals one of the most alarming things about child exploitation; It can be committed behind closed doors by people who may otherwise live a law-abiding lifestyle,” noted the prosecutors. NY Daily News

Governor Proposes Discounted Water Bills For Flint Residents

In a statement, embattled Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said,“I agree with Flint residents, that they should not have to pay for water they cannot drink.” Contrarily, he recently proposed legislation that would offer residents a miniscule credits towards their monthly bill for water infested with lead and E.coli. Within the next fiscal year, Snyder wants to allocate $30 million of the state’s budget towards the bill. While that may sound substantial, nearly 100,000 residents pay an estimated $140 for water per month. Residents’ bills would be lowered about 30 percent or approximately $40 less. The credit would be retroactive dating back to bill from April 2014. Former residents of Flint would also be eligible for refunds. Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon isn’t satisfied with Snyder’s proposal. “This governor has yet to give the people of Flint 100 percent of anything, including leadership and the truth,” He also said, “The least he could do is refund them every penny they paid for unusable, poison water. Once again, Governor Snyder is showing he cares more about numbers than he does people.” Huffington Post

Female Boxers Get Pro-Rape Meeting Canceled 

Blogger Daryrush “Roosh” Valizedeh who made headlines for proposing rape be legalized, is currently concerned that his life and the life of his colleagues may be in danger. Via his pro-rape coalition, ‘Return of the Kings,’ Roosh was organizing a worldwide gathering of “likeminded individuals” within 43 different countries. When news broke of the meeting, various feminists groups started started online petitions and protests and even several politicians denounced the meeting. Roosh addressed his detractors in a video message. “…We’ll be able to neutralize that tactic by amassing in high numbers come February 6. I will exact furious retribution upon anyone who challenges you in public on that date.” In response, all-female boxing club, The Toronto Newsgirls, planned to attend the Canadian “Return of the Kings” meet-up with their boxing gloves on. Roosh has since canceled the international meeting and released a statement that he can “no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend.” NY Mag


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