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He runs into the end zone, scores the touchdown and then spikes the ball.  It’s awesome!

However, it’s Aaron Rodgers and not a single person fuses or calls him arrogant.  Additionally, I’m sure anyone that’s reading this assumed that I was speaking of Cam Newtown.

I’ve seen Rob Gronkowski do some awesome spikes and more in the end zone, J. J. Watt has a pretty nice celebration move after he swats the ball away with the “No, No, No-wavy finger” move and almost every player in the National Football League at one time or another has done a 2-Step or pelvic thrust move after a great play.

But the criticism the Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton receives just baffles me.  Somehow, “Dabbing on Boyz,” the latest dance move and handing the ball off to kids after a touchdown is improper, uncivilized and a showcase of bad sportsmanship.

Newton, the looming figure, led his Carolina Panthers to a 15-1 NFC Championship and to the Superbowl to battle the Denver Broncos February 7, 2016 in Santa Clara, California.

I’m no sports expert.  I don’t know all the technical terms and ways of the game.  I’m just a fan of the game. I know these young men put in a lifetime of work, struggle and sacrifice to do what they do to put on a awesome performance for us on Sunday.  Oh yeah, and Monday and Thursday Night Football.

I don’t wanna use the “R” word or the “P” word, “Race or Prejudice,” but sometimes it makes me wonder.  But it could just as easy be a case of the “G” word…..”Generational.”

Well, whatever you think or I think, what matters most is what Mr. Newton thinks.  I think his esteem is right were it needs to be!  Check him out below.

Here is what other media is saying about the celebratory antics of Cam Newtown and what could be behind the criticism.

Check it out below.

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