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Shooting In Lower Manhattan Federal Building

A 13-year-old Palestinian girl was reportedly shot and killed by an Israeli security guard on Saturday. According to reports, the guard was standing at the entrance to a West Bank settlement, when the young girl ran at him with a knife. She has been identified as Ruqayya Eid Abu Eid. Read more here. [NY Times]

The suicide note found with Lawrence Phillips‘ dead body was not in his own handwriting, this according to the former NFL star’s attorney. From TMZ: “As we previously reported, Phillips’ family says they aren’t buying the explanation from Kern Valley State Prison — that Phillips committed suicide in his cell last week. Now, Phillips’ attorneys say the key to the case could be the handwriting in the note found in Phillips’ sock on the day of his death.” Read more here. [TMZ

Six high school girls from Phoenix, Arizona have all eyes on them after they spelled the n-word out with their shirts on senior picture day. According to reports, a larger group showed up with the intentions of spelling out “BEST *YOU’VE* EVER *SEEN* CLASS *OF* 2016,” when the six young women put an ignorant spin on an otherwise innocent gesture. See the photos, as well as the school’s response, here. [Complex]

An officer was aiming for an armed suspect on the Las Vegas strip when he missed and hit an innocent passerby. Reports say the suspect was not cooperating after being told to surrender, so the officer fired his weapon, hitting a minor in the process. Fortunately, the minor has been treated and released. Read more here. [Reuters


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