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Who doesn’t enjoy going to watch a good movie?
Maybe you like to make it a family outing, treat yourself or just a treat for the kids, but did you ever consider how clean the theater was?
Or did you consider how clean the seats were?
Here are the spots that they say are the dirtiest areas and why…
The Seats:
The book The Secret Life of Germs by microbiologist Philip Terno, PhD, found that group B strep and fecal matter on movie seats and at times bedbugs have closed down movie theaters too.
The precautions from sitting on the seats that could be dirty would be, wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts and immediately wash them when you get home.
If you’re a germaphobe than go buy the seat covers on Amazon.
The Floor:
Donna Duberg, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at St Louis University, suggest that you be cautious of the floors too.
She said, “Researchers have found fecal material on the theater seats and floor” and fecal material “host to many bacteria, especially E. coli.”
Instead of putting your purse on the floor, try holding it in your lap instead.
The Seat Armrests and Cup Holders:
These items have been touched many many times during the day and it’s rarely sanitized.
Donna said, “We put those sweet drinks that have been held by our germ-ridden hands into those holders. The bacteria just keep on multiplying and wait for the next patron to sit down and put their drink up and carry the germs, including staph to their mouth. It’s a quick jump to a respirator infection,”
What do they suggest? Use antibacterial wipes or a clean napkin with hand sanitizer before you use either.
The Popcorn/Concession Stand:
Donna said, “The concession stands are like mini fast-food places where snacks are dispensed quickly and the clean-up is minimal at best. Sugary treats, especially liquids like soda, stick on the counters and are a great breeding place for battery, which are then transferred to every person who picks up their order.”
If it’s dirty looking than don’t buy it from there.
The other items that they considered breeding grounds are the cups, the 3-D glasses and the air you breathe.
The 3-D glasses are said to be dirty, reused and a study by the Good Housekeeping Institute did a test on the wrapped and unwrapped glasses. So, the bottomline is, wipe them before you use them.

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