Chris Brown "Royalty" album cover

Source: Francesco Carrozzini / Sony Music Entertainment

I love how Chris Brown has been taking care of his daddy duties when it comes to his baby girl “Royalty.” From his social media posts, it seems like he has really grown up. I’ve been on #TeamBreezy through the good and bad. I’m so happy that he focuses less on the negativity that often comes his way, because it really makes a difference in the energy that will surround his life. Aside from his personal s*** that’s going on in his world, I’m also proud of him when it comes to his work! “Royalty” is an album that proves to critics that Breezy is a beast at what he does. My favorite song on it is “Proof” (co-written by Brsyon Tiller). What’s yours?

Chris Brown At 26: His Transformation Through The Years
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