There is a unique baker in Shenyang, north-east China’s Liaoning province who makes life like cakes that look like a real person read to be eaten.
Does that sound odd to you?
Well, it should because these cakes are human-like cakes that resemble a man in a specific scenario and comes along with an actor’s head. Yes, just the head and the head plays the head of the cake and the actor screams each time someone cuts into the body.
The bakery in China is named Ai Si Wei Ni and they displayed their human-like cake, a man who was shackled on December 6th at the 1905 Creative Culture Park in the city. It’s a location known for displaying art and such for the public to view.
At first the people appeared hesitant and some children were even frightened, but as it continued on, it becomes easier.
You see the public laughing as they cut into the flesh-like cake and when the actor is screaming, they just ignore him and keep on cutting away.
The question here is, would you ever eat a human-like cake with a screaming head?

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