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I want you all to understand something. I completely accept responsibility for all that is going on. My transition to be a better person a productive person started well before this case. However in my past I made some bad decisions. Young men let my life be an example to you now before it’s too late. Better who you are now in your children’s lives and in society so you can change the path of your fate. Lack of opportunities, a fatherless home, the unforgiven neighborhood and circumstances you grew up in can no longer be your excuse. Trust me I tried. And it doesn’t make the pain your family feels any different. Young man educate your self and break the cycle. Don’t become a number on the DOA (dead on arrival) list or on the incarceration list. To my wife and children you are all strong and well prepared for this. This is just another brick laid down towards our house of happily ever after , walk with your head held high knowing I would never past the buck and put another family through what we have endured. Continue to walk in faith and love as you’ve done so well. To my peoples thank you for all the encouragement and support please continue to encourage my family. Thank you again all.

A photo posted by Mendeecees Harris (@mendeecees) on Dec 1, 2015 at 11:49am PST


It’s been a very emotional day for the Harris family, as they received the news that Mendeecees has been sentenced to 8 years in prison.

The Love & Hip Hop star has been dealing with a heavy drug trafficking case against him for over a year, and him and his new wife, Yandy Smith, have been waiting for closure.

While many have shown their sympathy for Yandy and the family, Mendeecees took to his Instagram to write his own response, which is quite inspiring.

The reality star hopes that his fate will serve as a wake-up call to others who may not be thinking of their long-term futures with their decision-making.

After surrendering last year, and then months later posting bond for $600,000, Mendeecees accepted a plea deal from the judge, lowering his sentence to 8-10 years. He was officially sentenced earlier today.

We are keeping the Harris family in our prayers, and hope they can make it through this time with positive thoughts.


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