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Rice University’s senior running back, Luke Turner,gave a power after-game interview after his last game with the Rice Football team.
Luke Turner’s interview showed what an impact your coach can make on you and the respect that he has for the team’s coach too.

In this video you hear Luke saying, “First off, I just want to say thanks to Coach Bailiff because that man right there gave me a chance, when nobody else wanted to give me a chance.”
It’s here when his voice started cracking and you hear the true emotion in his voice and Luke trying to fight the tears.
He continues by saying, “This is my only Division I offer and uh, I broke my leg my senior year of high school and no one, everyone sold me off. That man right there stuck with me.
And uh, I love him forever for it. We get paid for a great education that I know I used very well. Umm and he let me keep playing the game that I love. I love this university and I love that man back there and I would do anything of him and this university has given me an opportunity I’ll never get to compare to anything else and umm the best academics that I could ask for and the best people in the world. My experience here has been the best.”
Luke committed in 2011 to Rice University when he was recruited… the Owls went to a bowl game three consecutive season from 2012-2014 with Coach Bailiff, that’s the school’s longest streak too.