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Growing up there were a couple of things I knew for sure

I knew Superman was Clark Kent

I knew I had the deepest love for Kimberly from the power rangers

And I knew Rocky Balboa was the Champ.

Well it seems like now there someone else fighting to be the champ and his name is Adonis Creed…

I watched the new movie starting one of my favorite young actors in Michael B Jordan take the role of the illegitimate child of one the worlds greatest fictional boxers of all time. Apollo Creed…

In doing so he didn’t just have to carry the mantle of his legendary movie dad

But he had to carry the torch for one of the greatest film franchises of all time…and boy did he not disappoint.

From beginning to end the movie was beautiful.

It had nostalgic moments from the classic movies all while creating a new name in its own.

It was great blend of past and present that had me excited for the future of the franchise

And it gave me hope that it would be just as great as the original saga, if not better within time.

And what’s a boxing film without any boxing? The boxing scenes were beautifully crafted and showed wonderful angles inside the ring. The attention to detail was great, from the bumps and cuts, to blood being cleaned off the mat.

The relationship between Donnie & Rocky is a thing of beauty and seeing Rocky in his later years just kept leaving me in awe…it was like seeing a super hero finally having his age catch up with him. It’s crazy to see an icon no longer ruling the inside of the ring but instead being a master outside of it.

I recommend you watch this film regardless if you haven’t seen the originals

And if you’re a die hard Rock fan like myself you won’t be disappointed and will actually be excited for what’s to come!