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The Cincinnati Bengal’s defensive end, Wallace Gilberry was caught doing something nice for a random family by other shoppers on Monday at Target.

Gilbert bought the family of 7 a PS4 after he asked the family parents if he could buy them gifts for their kids.
Here is the bystander’s IG posting:

mackiodaddy  3 days ago

Just watched Wallace Gilberry of the @cincinnati_bengals buy a young family with a bunch of boys a ps4 and bunch of games at target tonight. The kids and dad were going crazy and the mom was in tears. I was big fan of him before but I’m a even bigger fan now. What a stand up dude. #wallacegilberry #whodey

The DE told to TMZ was, “I just went to Target to get some clippers to trim my beard and I saw a family with a dad, wife and five or six kids. The kids were looking at he electronics and I could tell by the mom’s face that she was upset about telling the kids they wouldn’t be able to afford what they wanted.”
“I went up to the family and asked them if they would mind if I bought the kids whatever they wanted. They said that would be so great… the dad said he was starting a new job and money was tight.”
Gilberry ended up dropping about $800 with the PS4 system and whatever video games that the kids wanted. He said, “One of the kids was really excited about a game called Minecraft. I don’t even know what that is, but he went crazy.”
“One thing about me is that I grew up with my shirt on my back and that’s it. Money doesn’t define me. If I have a million dollars, I’m going to try to help a million people.”
Reddit page shows other acts of kindness that Gilberry has portrayed in the past.

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