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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Source: Warren Little / Getty

Have you ever wondered what happens when a player is traded or leaves a team, do they remember the playbooks that they’re told to memorize?
Well, it’s so happens that DeMarco Murray, the former Dallas Cowboy’s Running back, knew all the plays that the Cowboy’s team were going to do.

I wonder if any other former teammates do this too because I guess he remembered all of his years with the Cowboys because that playbook stuck in his brain.
When Murray recognized what play was going to happen he didn’t keep that info to himself, nope, he decided to fill in the D-line.
You can hear Murray screaming the plays on the sidelines when he noticed the play was going to be a “Hitch” play. After he called it, you can see Dez Bryant running that hitch route.
The Eagles won that game against the Cowboys 33-27 too.