Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The NFL has legit rules say that if a player has long hair then that hair is a part of their uniforms. That means, if it’s flowing out of your helmet, your hair is fair game for pulling and tackling.
This is a big deal for tackling a player during the game because it’s something that people don’t agree with. Is it like horse collaring a player?
This hair is a part of the uniform rule came int play on Sunday when the Running back with the St. Louis Rams, Todd Gurley.
The play happened during Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, Gurley’s dreads touched the out of bounds area after he made a catch and he was called out.
Because his hair is a part of his uniform and the dreads were out of bounds so that means that the ball was out of bounds too.
In 2008, some owners wanted to get the hair pulled back saying that it was obstructing the names on their jerseys, but the NFL ruled that one out.
You do have some refs calling unsportsman like conduct on pulling hair etc… as a form of a tackle, but that depends on the refs officiating the game.
So, if those they got the hair off limits then his catch would have been legal.

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