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So if you missed the original story on Yusaf Mack, the former boxer claimed he was drugged and tricked into being a part of gay porno.

After causing a big stir about the leaked video, he spoke out and said that he is bisexual…but that’s not it. In a recent interview on Fox News the former boxer confessed and confirmed that he’s gay.

He says, “I’m gay, I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it is, I live my life, I’m gay.” He also says he’s known he’s been gay for about eight years.

Mack told Fox 29 that he did the video because: “I was down and out, I asked friends, they wouldn’t help me, so I did what I had to do.”

He also claimed that the reason why he lied is because he didn’t think anybody from Philadelphia would see the video. Little does know, the whole world has seen it. Mack apologizes for lying about the truth and says he’s still Yusaf Mack, “You gon’ like me or love me regardless. I’m still me.”

Watch the interview video below:

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