On Saturday evening, former professional boxer Yusaf Mack was caught on vid giving a beatdown to a man at the La Clippers barber shop in Philadelphia. According to witnesses, Mack walked into the barber shop and went directly to the man who was in the middle of a wash and he just let him have it. […]

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The boxer stopped by Huffington Post Live earlier this week and revealed her opinion on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

News outside of Arizona says that one of their local boxers, Jose Benavidez, Jr. was shot early Tuesday morning while walking his dog. The 24-year old Top Rank fighter is the one of their “rising stars” with 25 matches, 15 of which were KO’s and zero losses. He just came out of a big win in a […]

Muhammad Ali is being laid to rest today after a final journey through his hometown. And TV One is giving you a look at the entire undertaking. The boxing legend will travel through his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, passing by his childhood home to the first boxing gym where he trained and many more  places where the […]

So if you missed the original story on Yusaf Mack, the former boxer claimed he was drugged and tricked into being a part of gay porno. After causing a big stir about the leaked video, he spoke out and said that he is bisexual…but that’s not it. In a recent interview on Fox News the former […]


According to NYDailyNews.com last June when the Philly-born retired boxer, Yusaf Mack, found himself short on cash, an anonymous Facebook offer to film a heterosexual scene for a porn flick seemed to be the answer to his financial woes.  Mack said he hopped a train and eventually found his way to an apartment in the […]

Blac Chyna was feeling herself last night. Tyga‘s baby mother was spotted on Instagram, lounging in bed with no covers – just shorts, a small…

For Friday night fights, Marvin “Papi Gallo” Jones was fighting against Ramon Luis Nicolas in Florida when Papi Gallo had a mishap right when the open bell rung. Boxer, Papi Gallo was listening to his music on his Galaxy before the fight and when he was done, he pulled his ear buds out forgetting about the phone […]

Boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather, set the internet ablaze after a post on Instagram of him having a woman bathe him in a tub while he brushed his teeth. Seemed like another episode of “Luxurious of Life with Floyd Mayweather” but the ladies that saw his post didn’t like watching him being bathed by some random […]

Popular boxer Manny Pacquiao is known for putting a hurting on his opponents when he steps into the ring. However, it seems as though Uncle…