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Let’s face it beauties, we love to shop. But with October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why not spend our hard-earned dollars on products that will benefit research for the disease?

Breast cancer remains the most commonly-diagnosed form of cancer for African American women. Worse, our mortality rate is nearly twice as high as other races. Some of these disparities come from a lack of follow-ups with our physicians, as well as possible misunderstandings about key factors for treatment and prevention.

As reports:

Black women have the highest death rates of all racial and ethnic groups and are 40% more likely to die of breast cancer than white women. The reasons for this difference result from many factors including having more aggressive cancers and fewer social and economic resources.” CDC also recommends that “after cancer is found, treatment should start as soon as possible.” Fewer black women receive the surgery, radiation, and hormone treatments needed than their white counterparts.

No matter which way we break it down, we absolutely need to raise awareness. But sometimes it can feel like there is no way for the average woman to help the cause without donating a huge amount of money, time or effort. Over the last few years, however, many of our favorite brands have made a way for women to help play their part in raising funds for research and prevention.

From clothing to housewares, there are many products you can purchase which will donate all or a portion of the proceeds. So check out our favorites in the gallery below.

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