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What a time to be alive, especially for Meek Mill, who’s been bullied relentlessly over social media for the past few months.

With most of the heat being brought upon himself, Meek has done it yet again by posting a picture on Instagram of his hand decked out with two new diamond rings. Though already similar to Drake and Future’s mixtape cover, and a reference to their song “Big Rings,” Meek Mill took things a bit further by captioning the picture, “What a time…..”

Clearly Meek knew this would catch heat, as the picture was posted over 17 hours ago and he still hasn’t deleted it. Oddly enough, rumors are circling that Future’s “you just a battle rapper, I’m an official trapper” line on “Big Rings” is a diss towards Meek. The last and final L that can be connected to this picture is Drake’s line in “Back to Back,” where he praises Nicki Minaj for wifing Meek Mill, because after all, Meek is wearing one of the rings on his ring finger.

Remember, think before you Meek.


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