WHAT A TIME TO BEEF? Future and Drake might have had a falling out after their joint mixtape ‘What A Time To Be Alive.’ During a recent interview Future denied the existence of the mixtape. Future said, “It never happened, you know what I mean, it never happened.” Wait what? Future also tweeted some shade […]

Metro go make it boom on these hoes! At just 22 years old, Atlanta-based producer Metro Boomin has made quite the name for himself. Between Dirty Sprite 2 and What A Time To Be Alive, the St. Louis, Missouri native has the people talking – and it doesn’t appear that his musical reign is letting […]

Drake is a magician!!! Whatever he’s doing to make these records, he needs to keep doing it. Hit, after hit, after hit, after Meek Mill drama, he just keeps making jamming music. I’ve heard about 400 Hotline Bling remixes. From Erykah Badu, Chingo Bling, Kehlani, and more, they are making their own versions of this song. […]

What a time to be alive, especially for Meek Mill, who’s been bullied relentlessly over social media for the past few months. With most of the heat being brought upon himself, Meek has done it yet again by posting a picture on Instagram of his hand decked out with two new diamond rings. Though already similar to […]

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, when rappers’ mixtapes inspire video games! You can now play an online version of Doodlejump based on Drake and Future’s WATTBA mixtape. Drake or Future can be your jumpman while you listen to snippets of the song over and over as you play. Again we must say, the internet has […]

Drake and Future‘s recent collaborative project has been the talk of the town for the past few weeks. The What A Time To Be Alive rappers have each taken the industry by storm this year, and it’s not slowing anytime soon. The project easily became a fan favorite with its bangers like “Big Rings” and “Digital Dash.” With WATTBA‘s […]

Drake scored eight new entries in Billboard‘s Hot 100 this week, making him the fourth artist ever to reach one hundred hits.

Drake and Future did land at number one on the charts, but unfortunately, they didn't move a whopping 500,000 copies.

Who the hell thinks of this sh*t? The internet is a magical world of hate and love, comedy and tragedy, and good and evil. Luckily,…

Chris Brown has been trying his best to keep his name out of the negative light, but it looks like it’s being brought back into…

Drake and Future basically stopped the world this weekend when they dropped their collaboration mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive. Now that the music community…