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Doctor examining baby in doctor's office

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In August we all saw Yuki dancing the “Tootsee Roll” while she was in labor in order to dance away the labor pains.
Well, here’s another dancing momma, Akilah Wooten.
Wooten was in labor at Atlanta Medical Center and didn’t want to do the routine methods to “push the baby down” like the hospital will recommend, no, she decided to modernize the way to get that baby down, she danced instead.

Wooten was in the hallway with a couple of the family members dancing the Whip Nae Nae by Silento during her labor pains…
“She came in labor but the baby was sitting high in her pelvis,” said Angelina Ruffin, the certified nurse midwife who filmed the dance session.
So far, Wooten’s dance has reached way over a million views on YouTube since Oct. 1st.
Ruffin said, “I told her to get moving and walk or do squats, but thenI didn’t see her for awhile. I founded the corner and there she was with her sister and cousin dancing. I had to film it.”
Of course the dancing helped push that baby down because she did give birth a few hours later to a 9 lb, 6.5 ounce baby girl.

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