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Wendy Williams is no stranger to controversy. She throws shade for a living, but has she finally taken it too far?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alumna, Kim Zolciak is a contestant on the season 21 of the ABC reality series, Dancing With The Stars. After improving her first weeks score from a 12 to a 19, she got a different set of numbers; over 100,000 likes on her hospital selfies after letting her 1.5 million Instagram followers know she suffered a TIA (mini stroke).

During her infamous Hot Topics segment, before Wendy got shady, she made a valid point.

“To me, a stroke is more import than a selfie…I don’t get where people get posting pics in a serious condition in a hospital…I don’t get it.”

Wendy believes that Kim may have faked her medical condition not to get sympathy votes from the judges but to instead end her tenure on the show.

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“Kim, my thought is I hope you’re not fibbing about the stroke. Because I too wanted to get off Dancing With The Stars. My husband and my partner Tony [Dolvolani] knew I was planning a “plot-ation” on a toe “stub-ation” or a “brake-ation” so I wouldn’t have to return because it’s grueling.”

Wendy goes on to say that she was elated when she initially got the call to participate in season12 of the show but the workouts and dance prep was more than she could handle. So she would understand if the reality star wanted out.

“…Kim if at 37, you did have a mini stroke, I’m sorry to hear about that. If, however you wanted to get off Dancing With The Stars, all you had to do was stub your toe.”

But wait, there’s more! Kim thinks Wendy only shaded her because she wouldn’t appear on her show to talk about her condition. And Kim has the receipts! She posted an email from a representative from The Wendy Williams Show who requested that Kim call into “Hot Topics”.

“Absolutely appalling!! @wendywilliams how disgusting for you to insinuate I “faked” my mini stroke on your show this morning!! You mad cause I didn’t come on your show! This clearly shows your warped mentality!!”

Has Wendy been caught red handed? Will Wendy backpedal and apologize? Watch the “Hot Topics” clip (the shade begins at 15:15) and let us know if you think it’s okay to take selfies from your hospital bed?

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