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Brandi’s Rampage

We pick up from Brandi’s studio rampage where she’s going off on everyone, especially Lux for not wearing his ring. He is surprisingly calm about this, probably because he’s used to her behavior, and also because he doesn’t really care (more on that later, though).

Miles Is Troubled

Miles links up with Hazel E to burden her with his problems. He tells her that he’s not cheating on Milan, and then, once again, goes into the spiel about not being comfortable with being out about his sexuality—you know, despite being on camera—because of his religion, and the fact that he’s a rapper. Mind you, he also used to be a youth pastor so, yeah…

The thing is, it’s not easy to feel for him because he agreed to tape the show. He can’t be that shook about coming out.

Brandi And Lux’s Drama Again

We’re back with Brandi and Lux, who chat about the studio incident. She asks him why he wasn’t wearing his ring again, and he says he’s tired of her behavior and that he wasn’t wearing his ring because he doesn’t want to represent a crazy person like her. He added that sometimes he feels like he’d be better off by himself.

Translation: He doesn’t want to be with her anymore.

However, Brandi isn’t hearing any of it. Lux then goes outside and tosses the in her direction while she’s whining about how they’ve been together for a long time and have a family…whatever, it’s pathetic. She tries to block him from driving away by standing in front of the car, but it seems like she forgot that cars can also drive in reverse.

Miles Is Ready

Miles invites Milan out to dinner—in public—to tell him that he wants to be with him, and even got an “MnM” tattoo in his honor. Gasp!

Princess Plays Teairra’s Game

Princess tells Apryl that she feels that Teairra is setting her up and decides to invite Teairra to Vegas via text to see if she’s going to tell Ray J about it.

Later on in the episode, Teairra, Amber and Moniece link for lunch. Teairra tells them about Princess’ Vegas invite. They tell her that Princess is setting her up just like she’s doing, so they’re both trying to play each other. However, Teairra decides to send a text to Ray J anyway. Messy boots.

Jason Goes For His Shine

Jason Lee and Nikki link up to see if he can help her with her lingerie line. She tells him that she wants to hire Hazel since she used to do PR. Jason tells Nikki that Hazel is not a real publicist and starts talking real greasy about her being a fraud. Hazel appears on cue, of course, and he starts tossing more verbal darts. They bicker until he throws a drink in her face. Wack sauce.

Messy Fizz

Fizz and Nikki are really trying to be a thing, despite the fact that Fizz claims that he’s just having fun and being single (you’re doing it wrong). Nikki allegedly cooked Fizz breakfast, and tells him about the meeting gone wrong with Jason Lee and how him throwing the drink in Hazel’s face didn’t sit well with her.

But the real point of this staged scene is for Nikki to give Kamiah all of her stuff that was left at Fizz’s place. Kamiah finally stops by, and it gets ugly. Nikki claims she has beef with Kamiah because Kamaiah talked smack behind her back (as per Jason), and Kamiah popped off back in what wasn’t a fair fight, because Fizz was mouthing off too (like that’s surprising). In the end Fizz thinks he’s doing something by kicking Nikki out, but Kamiah gets the last pop off. She throws the bag of her stuff that was prepared by Nikki, at Nikki, and catches Fizz in the face with a well-deserved two-piece.

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