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Shaquille O'Neal

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Shaquille O’Neal isn’t just a basketball player and commentator or any of the other business titles he holds, he’s also something like the king of endorsements.
That’s something people have joked about before, that Shaq pretty much endorses anything.
There is a list of at least fifty endorsements that Shaq has done over the years, but here are just a few of those endorsements:
Icy Hot
Mr. Big Shaq Snack
Shaq Fu
Monster Speakers
Harbin Beer
Soda Shaw
Well, in a recent interview, Shaq admitted that he turned down an offer from the Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz to get involved with the coffee chain.
Yeah, Schultz asked him to help build up their franchises in African-American communities and Shaq’s response was shocking to the CEO.
Here is what Shaq had to say, “My agent calls me up and says Howard Schultz wants to do business with you. I’m like, ‘Coffee? Ugh.’ Because growing up in my household, I had never seen a black person drink coffee. So it was my thought process that black people didn’t drink coffee… In my house, it was always sweet tea or hot chocolate.”
Shaq tells us, “Howard says, ‘Shaq, I want to give you to opportunity to go in with me and open up these Starbucks franchises in African-American communities.’ And I’m always a guy that, if I don’t believe in it, can’t do it. Will never do it. No amount of money can make me endorse something I’m not 100 percent behind. So I looked the great Howard Schultz in the face, and I said, ‘Black people don’t drink coffee, sir. I don’t think it’s gonna work.’ You should’ve seen his face.”
Shaq said that despite his bad business decision, he and Schultz are “still good friends today.”

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