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Do you think Drake heard Olympian Lolo Jones’ message?
She hit up Twitter the other day to let Drizzy know she’s still single and keep that in mind for whenever Serena sends him packing!
Her tweets say

Well when Serena breaks it off with Drake I’m here for you boo. My season is already in the crapper so no one will blame you.

We all know that social media is throwing blame at Drake for Serena losing in the U.S. Open the other day. Do you think Lolo wants that Drake curse for her sport competitions?

I look up to her so much. Winning or in defeat. I would trade 10 of my good days for one bad day of Serena’s

Some Twitter followers even reminded Lolo about Drake liking sex and she even tweeted a response about that one… that is because Lolo is still a virgin and very honored and proud of it too.

Who doesn’t? Even Christian virgins know they will like sex but we wait to honor our future spouses.

Mental reminder* read Twitter hate comments on track start line for explosive start

Anyone feel like mentioning to the mob of tweets that he was at Wimbledon final when she won.

What do you think, do you think Drake too her tweets seriously? Maybe she was just trying to shake things up a little and she didn’t really mean it.